About us

The General Medical Laboratory is part of Sonic Healthcare Benelux, a group of laboratories active in various fields of medical and veterinary diagnostics. Sonic Healthcare Benelux is in turn part of Sonic Healthcare Ltd, one of the largest laboratory groups in the world.
Sonic Healthcare Benelux includes the laboratories General Medical Laboratory (A.M.L.), Medvet, General Medical Laboratory West and Labo Rigo. Our laboratories, which are among the most modern in Flanders, primarily focus on clinical biology. With thousands of analyzes per day, we are therefore one of the major players in Belgium.

Since 1995, the laboratory works with a quality system that is subjected to a strict audit by BELAC at least once a year.
Besides quality, service is also one of our most important pillars. In service, we emphasize rapid reporting and a personal approach.

Publication Date:
September 13, 2021 (12:26)