Mission & Vision

The General Medical Laboratory (A.M.L.) is a laboratory for clinical biology that, in addition to classical routine analyses, also focuses on specific domains such as molecular, toxicological, occupational medicine and judicial analyses.

Because of our many years of scientific interest in all these domains, we are happy to share our acquired knowledge with our clients. Knowledge and service form the heart of our organization. The mission of the A.M.L. we can summarize in a few words, viz. “Quality is a Science, Service an Art”.

To fulfill this mission, A.M.L. developed a dynamic vision. As a medical laboratory, we are a partner of our clients and we are recognized as an innovative, quality-oriented organization with an excellent scientific reputation and trained, enthusiastic employees.

Our ambitions imply that the core values ​​we share are quality striving, result-oriented collaboration, loyalty, integrity, a sense of responsibility and a sense of reality.

The core values ​​reflect the way in which we want to fulfill our mission.

Publication Date:
September 13, 2021 (12:27)